Thursday, August 31, 2006

Junk Fued. A rather clever name IMO. In all honesty, I hate junk food. I eat it only when i have nothing else to eat and when im too lazy to make or get something. healthy food is so muchbetter, but it always harder to make and more expensive. I try to only spend like $10 a day on food. that comes out to 3650 dollars a year on eating out. I dont think thats too bad considering my income. thats actually very low considering what most people would spend, but i beleive in saving and not splurging. Im ecstatic with my busienss but i know it wont last forever, as much as i hope it does. when it ends and starts to slow, ill have to adapt. me buying a porsche or ferrari is just out of the question for a few years. i like vacation homes in southern frace and switzerland. i will do whatever I can to get those and maybe the pizza place down the street before i buy a 200K car. I have a 4 year plan and Im just about 1 year into it and im thrilled. hopefully it only gets better. anyway, more from me later.